Becoming an erotic dancer may look and sound very appealing. However, it’s not as easy as some think or looks. Being an erotic dancer is not a lifestyle. It’s a job which the person must take very seriously. Just like any other occupation, in order to succeed or be great at it, dedication and motivation are crucially required.

Before anything else, you need to make sure you know the law pertaining to the state you reside in. That applies to federal, local and state laws. ID, background checks, social security and fingerprinting are required in order to work in certain clubs. Once you have that area covered, the next step is self-evaluation. Most successful erotic dancers have to be in great or good physical shape. Clubs often require that their dancers be toned, slim and fit. While there are instances where all body shapes are accepted, it is not always the case.

In addition to this, a person should have high self-esteem and self-worth if they want to become an exotic dancer. You should also be ready for some rejection since it is a sales environment. Those who want to become erotic dancers have to purchase sexy outfits and other supplies. This includes high heel stilettos, make-up, and other outfits. Finding a stage for yourself will be your next move. That can make others related to you easier. Preparing a photo and video of yourself is the next step. Especially if you are planning on submitting your application to a company online. They will want to see what you have going, what you can do, how you look and move.

Keep in mind that accepting sexual favors for money is illegal. Erotic dancers are entertainers and not prostitutes. Try finding someone that’s already a successful dancer and learn from them. They can teach you the ropes better than anyone. Once you learn all the basics, you are well on your way.

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