The movie Showgirls may not have been a huge success at the box office. However, many people still enjoyed it and loved the erotic film. The movie was originally released back in September 22, 1995 in theaters everywhere. MGM Home Entertainment was the studio behind the film. The NC17 rating could have been part of why many stayed away from the movie at the box office. Back then, people were still not ready for such an erotic movie.

The story is about a drifter named Nomi who is very attractive. When she arrives in Las Vegas, she has dreams of becoming a dancer. But things don’t turn out that way at first and instead, she ends up getting a job stripping. Luckily for Nomi, a talent scout watches her and she catches his eye. He then goes on to hire her to perform for a casino in a big revue.

The director behind this film is Paul Verhoeven. He is the same person who directed blockbuster hits such as Starship Troopers and Total Recall. And of course the infamous and renowned Basic Instinct. The movie contains some lewd, erotic and almost pornographic sexual scenes. Showgirls brings to light what imagining sexual fantasies can be like. Overall, there are many instances of adult subject matter which take place in the film. Fame it appears, drags Nomi into a corrupt and immoral world. Still, most people who view it find themselves rooting for her to succeed. Some saw Showgirls as the next big budget film to be released since the making of Caligula.

As the years have gone by and mainstream society has become more liberal when it comes to sex, people view this film differently now. Perhaps the world was not ready for Showgirls back then. In truth, critics of the film were not so kind to it back in 1995. So much so that Showgirls dominated the Razzie awards. They are given to what critics consider to be the worst films. Fast forward to today, and people are more likely to appreciate the erotic message behind Showgirls.

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